What We Do

AMP's work falls into four core activity areas, and covers multiple diseases and syndromes.

Vaccinology Research

Infectious diseases account for more than 16% of deaths worldwide. AMP works with local, national, and international partners to study infectious disease epidemiology in the field. This information is essential for setting public health priorities, defining strategies, and measuring program results.

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Immunization & Health Services Strengthening

Sustainable progress in the fight against infectious diseases requires health systems capable of providing effective and timely vaccination services. AMP actively supports the strengthening of health and immunization services to improve vaccine delivery and coverage in developing countries.

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Health Policy & Institutional Development

Vaccines are the safest, most effective way to control and eliminate infectious diseases. AMP works to promote culturally relevant immunization policies, increase awareness of public health issues, and advocate for a better use of resources.

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Human Resources for Health & Training

Persistent shortages of health workers and general system weaknesses undermine the efficiency of health initiatives in developing countries. To help address this problem, AMP is supporting efforts to provide education and training for health workers, to motivate personnel to remain in their workplaces, and to harness regional expertise through a network of health professionals.

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