Vaccinology Research

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Burden of Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases are a leading cause of death, disability, and social and economic disruption for millions of people worldwide. Despite the existence of safe and effective health interventions, many people do not have access to needed vaccines and treatment care—especially children in developing countries, where most disease-related deaths occur.

Need for Evidence-Based Information

A major obstacle to the prevention of infectious diseases is the shortage of information. National leaders rely on available data and analyses to determine priority health interventions. Often, this information is incomplete and may not reflect the scientific reality on the ground.

That’s why AMP is working with governments and other partners to provide decision makers with the information they need to determine optimal immunization policies and strategies.

AMP's Vaccinology Research Areas

Our research in applied vaccinology examines a wide range of infectious diseases including influenza, malaria, meningitis, pertussis, diarrheal diseases, pneumonia, and yellow fever. In particular, our research and support activities focus on: