Technology Field Testing

Transportation, storage, and delivery of most vaccines require a robust cold chain, which is difficult and costly to maintain. This is especially true in developing countries, where health systems and equipment are often inadequate.

Poor refrigeration and overheating alike lead to thousands of wasted vaccines every year. And since it’s hard to tell if a vaccine has been rendered ineffective simply by looking at it, damaged doses may unfortunately be distributed by mistake.

Innovative new vaccines introduce additional challenges. Many have bulkier packaging, thus placing greater demands on cold chain storage, distribution, and waste disposal.

In this context, AMP is working with partners to overcome obstacles to vaccine delivery. For example, we conduct evaluations of immunization technologies such as temperature monitoring tools and vaccine delivery devices. As for the latter, this includes aerosol devices that offer a cheaper, safer, and easier way to deliver vaccines. That means less waste, less environmental damage, and above all, more lives saved.