Philippe Jaillard

Program Leader, Technology and Immunization Logistics

Photo of Philippe Jaillard

Philippe Jaillard directs AMP’s work in immunization logistics. He provides strategic and managerial guidance as well as technical support to developing countries, notably in Africa, to strengthen their immunization services. His areas of expertise include vaccine delivery, cold chain equipment management, injection safety and waste management, logistics training program development, and logistics and programmatic issues related to the introduction of new vaccines.

As part of the EPIVAC© program—which aims to improve immunization program performance in sub-Saharan Africa—he works with countries to address the managerial and logistical challenges of the vaccine supply chain.

He also works with partners, including the World Health Organization (WHO) to test new technologies for vaccine delivery in developing countries. Most recently, he collaborated with WHO to determine the usability and acceptability of an aerosol delivery device for measles vaccine in Burkina Faso and Vietnam.

Before joining AMP in 2001, Jaillard worked for NGOs delivering humanitarian aid in emergency situations. Later, he worked as an independent consultant in the areas of program assessment, immunization campaign management, and epidemic response.

Jaillard holds a graduate degree in public health and a post-graduate degree in project management.