Our Team

At AMP, we value effective leadership at all levels of the organization. Our most senior leaders strive to act with integrity, accountability, and excellence with our partners and colleagues worldwide.

Board of Directors

Our board of directors, composed of individuals from various domains, provides governance, sets policies and objectives, approves budgets, and evaluates AMP’s performance.

Chairman of the Board
Philippe Stoeckel
Vice Chairman of the Board
Secretary of the Board
Treasurer of the Board
Photo of Dirk Pöschl
Honorary Chairman of the Board
Photo of Stanley Plotkin

Senior Management

Our senior management is responsible for the growth, development, and overall success of AMP.

Executive Director
Photo of Alfred da Silva
Africa Regional Director
Financial and Process Director
Michaela Schutte

Program Leaders

Our program leaders develop and implement strategies in specific topic areas to improve public health in low- and middle-income countries.

Managing Director LAMIVAC , Country Program Director - AMP Burkina Faso
Edouard Betsem, director of LAMIVAC
Benin Program Director, LOGIVAC+ Project Coordinator, GIE Vaccilog Administrator
Photo of Hamed Idrissa Traoré
Program Leader, Field Epidemiology & Vaccinology, Director of the EpiVacPlus Program
Aristide Aplogan, EpiVacPlus
Program Leader, Technology and Immunization Logistics
Photo of Philippe Jaillard
Program Leader, Health Economics and Medical Anthropology
Jean-Bernard Le Gargasson
Program Leader, Enteric Diseases
Photo of Martin Mengel
Program Leader, Meningitis & Pneumonia
Photo of Jennifer Moïsi

Scientific Advisory Board

Our Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) plays an extremely valuable role in advising our strategy and setting priorities. The SAB meets at least once a year to discuss and evaluate potential opportunities and guide our technical and scientific staff as they work to fullfil AMP's mission and goals.

The SAB includes academics and representatives from international organizations, universities, the vaccine industry, foundations, and other organizational bodies.

Co-Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board
Photo of Stanley Plotkin
Co-Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board
Photo of William Schaffner
Senior Medical & Scientific Advisor, Secretary of the Scientific Advisory Board
Photo of Bradford Gessner