Our activities

The primary purpose of the NITAGs is to build bridges between political decision-making and scientific research by issuing evidence-based recommendations. An evidence-based recommendation is the result of a transparent and systematic process of defining the type of data needed, exhaustively researching available data, and evaluating their quality.

Forms of support provided by the SIVAC Initiative

The SIVAC Initiative supports the NITAGs in various stages of their development by providing them with technical assistance, making tools available to them, fostering their collaboration, and by offering training courses suited to their needs.

These training courses cover a wide range of operational, organizational, or scientific knowledge and expertise. Thus they encompass both the processes to be implemented to ensure the proper running and sustainability of a NITAG and the work methodologies needed to develop scientific recommendations. The training courses are presented in the SIVAC training catalogue.

The support provided by the SIVAC Initiative is rolled out at national and regional level based on the needs identified by the regional offices and WHO country offices, as well as the needs expressed by the countries themselves.