Information-Sharing and Collaboration Between NITAGs

The NITAG Resource Center (NRC) provides a centralized access to all documentation produced by the committees and to their news (recommendations, meeting agendas, partner schedules). A private access, reserved to NITAG members, has been developed to share confidential or in-progress documents. This website also gives an overview of NITAGs, their operation (via an interactive map), and in-progress or upcoming activities. To consolidate these exchanges and advance information-sharing, the SIVAC Initiative strives to carry out the necessary developments enabling the NRC to meet all NITAG needs: regional forums, alerts on common themes, directory of experts and NITAG members.

A NITAG technical newsletter shares and distributes key publications for the committees, upcoming events, as well as the latest recommendations issued by the committees.

The collaboration between NITAGs also involves organizing study trips which allow recently-established NITAGs to attend the meetings of more experienced NITAGs. The SIVAC Initiative networks the NITAGs to draw from the experience and technical ability of the committees which function well and support those where a need has been identified.

Lastly, the SIVAC Initiative coordinates joint activities and brings together committees working on the same issues by organizing themed regional and international meetings.