Africa Regional Pneumococcal Conference: Taking Stock of Our Achievements in the Five Years since PCV13 Introduction….and Discussing a Road Map for the Next Five Years

Dar Es Salaam – October 11-13 2016 – Agence de Médecine Préventive (AMP Services) and Pfizer are holding the Africa Regional Pneumococcal Conference in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 11-13 October, 2016, on the impact of pneumococcal vaccination since its introduction in low-income countries five years ago. The main goal of the conference is to inform countries with the latest scientific information on pneumococcal diseases and the impact of the vaccine.

Pneumococcal disease is a leading killer of both children and adults worldwide. According to The World Health Organization (WHO), an estimated 1.6 million people die annually from the disease, including up to one million children under five years old.

“The Africa Regional Pneumococcal Conference will bring together leaders and managers in the immunization field from countries that have introduced or plan to introduce the vaccine into their routine immunization program”, says Dr. Bradford Gessner, AMP’s Scientific Director. “Having access to the latest information as well as sharing lessons learnt for strengthening immunization programs will empower participants to support evidence-based decisions at country-level.”

Participants will have the opportunity to discuss and share their own country’s experience around the introduction of this vaccine; what has been achieved in the past five years; and how immunization programs can be sustained in countries supported by Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance.

“Gavi’s primary goal is to reduce infant childhood morbidity and mortality through vaccination, and Pfizer is proud to support with other partners pneumococcal conjugate vaccination through the Advanced Market Commitment, which is anticipated to have averted 1 million childhood pneumococcal disease deaths by 2020,” says Heather Sings – Senior Director of Vaccines Medical Development and Medical/Scientific Affairs at Pfizer.

Since Gavi started supporting the PCV13 in 2010, 18 countries from sub-Saharan Africa have introduced the vaccine it into their routine immunization programs. As its name suggests, PCV13 provides immunity against the 13 most common strains of pneumococcus.

While immunization is widely recognized as one of the most beneficial and cost-effective public health interventions, pneumococcal diseases remains a major public health issue in countries located in sub-Saharan Africa. This conference is a chance to put the vaccine at the top of countries’ health agendas and advocate for complete and sustained vaccination for all children.

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