Marjorie Nicol

Project Operations Manager

Photo of Marjorie Nicol

As a Project Operations Manager at AMP, Marjorie Nicol is responsible for processes and tools related to project management as well as the coordination and monitoring of activities for the projects to which she is assigned.

More specifically, she is in charge of implementing planning tools, following-up process and outcome indicators, and managing budget and human resources. For this purpose, she monitors the project schedule through various dashboards, and reports to partners on a quarterly/yearly basis or upon request.

Within the AMP, which she joined in 2009, she works more globally on the development and implementation of capacity building projects with the International Centre of Human Resources for Health (Centre International des Ressources Humaines en Santé - CIRHS). Initially based in the AMP office of Cotonou (Benin), she has been since 2012 at the regional office in Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire).

Marjorie graduated from the University of Provence (Applied Foreign Languages Unit) with a Master's degree in Management of Humanitarian Projects and also holds a university degree in International Business from the Applied Foreign Languages Unit of the University of Nantes.