Launch of PERILIC in Dapaong, Togo

March 30, 2017

From January 21 to March 29, 2017, the sero-epidemiology study in the PERILIC project was conducted in 10 randomly chosen maternal, primary and secondary establishments and in the regional hospital center laboratory (CHR-D) in Dapaong, Togo.

The PERILIC Project (Pertussis Immunization Programms in Low Income Countries) aims to measure the duration of protection against pertussis conferred by the pentavalent vaccine used in routine EPI in Togo in the town’s school-age children aged between three and 15 years old.

The launch ceremony for the two studies took place in the Dapaong Hotel on January 19, 2017 in the presence of Dapaong’s town prefect, the regional management representative for education in Savanes region, the representative of the special delegation of Dapaong, the representative of the Pasteur Institute in Paris, and AMP.

In parallel, theoretical and practical training sessions on the study’s protocol and procedures took place on January 18-20. This training was delivered to 10 community health officers, five laboratory technicians and engineers, five medical assistants and two nurses specialized in ENT. This pilot phase allowed for last minute checks and to finalize the practical organization of the two studies (investigative team, laboratory, clinical, supervisors, etc.).

The recruitment and sampling goals were met on March 29, 2017 with a total number of 880 participants. Of this, 320 children were also included in the PneumoTone study. The parents or tutors of the school children, having given their agreement to participate in the studies, came to the Dapaong CHR laboratory for a fingerstick test.