Refresher Training on Pneumococcal Infections and the New Presentation of the Multi-Dose Vial

February 25, 2017

In order to introduce the new anti-pneumococcal conjugate 13 (PCV13) in four-dose vials (instead of two dose) in 17 sub-Saharan countries, Pfizer implemented a refresher training for health personnel. AMP Services was tasked with managing and delivering a Training of Trainers for 32 health system managers from February 23-24 in Bamako, Mali, one of the 17 Gavi eligible countries, and the second country after the Gambia to participate.

In the form of cascade training, the participants will become the national trainers of reference and will be able to implement and animate training for district health personnel. The latter will in turn train health center personnel to use the new PCV13 multi-dose vials.