SIVAC Back CCVS Experts in their Recommendation on the Introduction of MenAfriVacTM Vaccine

October 14, 2016

Set up in 2013 by ministerial decree, the Advisory Committee on Immunization in Senegal (CCVS), composed of national experts, put in place a workgroup to help them come to a decision on the introduction of the vaccine against meningitis A in the routine immunization program for children under two years of age.

In the context of technical support for the workgroup, the SIVAC Initiative from AMP’s Health Policy and Institutional Development (HPID) center participated in the workshop held on October 12-14, 2016 in Mbour, Senegal. This workgroup’s goal was to seek approval from the CCVS members for the recommendation framework proposed by the MenAfriVac group, as well as to carry out evidence-based policy research and quality analysis on which the CCVS would form its opinion.

Following the work, the CCVS experts adopted the final recommendation on the issue of relevance of introducing the meningococcal A conjugate (MenAfriVacTM) vaccine in routine immunization for children under two years of age in Senegal. This recommendation has provided the basis for a literature search and quality evaluation of collected factual data.

The next step is to show CCVS members the first version of the recommendation memo on whether or not to introduce MenAfriVacTM vaccine into routine immunization in Senegal.