New look for the NITAG Resource Center

March 20, 2015

There vamped website for the NITAG Resource Center ( went live on March 18. The Resource Centre was devised by AMP’s Health Policy and Institutional Development unit, which is a WHO Collaborating Center for evidence-informed immunization policy-making.

The website, which was created in 2010, aims to provide information, tools and training materials for National Immunization Technical Advisory Groups (NITAGs) and the international immunization community as a way of improving evidence-based decision-making at national level. The site has been completely redesigned and restructured to make it as practical and user-friendly as possible in an effort to meet the stated objective of all partners: to make it the sole platform for collaboration between NITAGs.

Technological innovations for easier searching

The new site features a streamlined and intuitive multi-criteria search engine to give more accurate searching of the document database, which includes (amongst other things) the recommendations from all existing NITAGs, reference documents and generic tools developed by all partners.
The site has also been revamped to adapt automatically to the screen width on any device – PCs, tablets and smartphones – the goal being, once more, to improve readability.

A dedicated space for easy collaboration

There are several new sections on the site covering latest events, news and topics subject to review by the NITAGs and worldwide technical partners in the coming years, the goal being to promote knowledge sharing in the global NITAG and wider international immunization community.

Last but not least, the biggest innovation on the new site is an interactive world map that shows the status of NITAGs. Users can now have immediate access to the operating indicators defined by WHO for each NITAG. In addition, clicking on a particular country opens a country fact sheet that gives more information on the relevant NITAG.