The 2011 diagnosis of the national immunization program in Benin revealed that there were shortcomings in the vaccine supply chain, and that these were preventing improved coverage and delaying the introduction of new vaccines.

In the search for a solution to this public health problem, the Benin Ministry of Health – backed by LOGIVAC (a joint AMP / WHO project) – identified four strategic guidelines for boosting the performance of the vaccine logistics chain: centralizing vaccine management at health area level and setting up an active distribution system; acquiring solar cold chain equipment; professionalizing the management of operations at health area level; and seeking opportunities for integrating supply chains.

LOGIVAC applied these guidelines for three years for demonstration purposes in the health area of Comé. It also developed a regional resource and reference center to professionalize the different roles in health logistics. As the outcomes of the exercise were positive, Benin's Ministry of Health decided to extend the optimized vaccine logistics chain across the entire country.

Thanks to a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, AMP will continue its activities in the form of the LOGIVAC + project, which will provide technical and financial support to Benin's Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) for three years in order to improve and optimize the national vaccine supply system.