AMP Group & Affiliates

AMP's Entities & "EIGs"

AMP ("association loi 1901") is the umbrella organization of various entities including the AMP Services subsidiary and AMP field offices. AMP is affiliated with the AMP DEVELOPPEMENT endowment fund and the Field Vaccinology Society (SVA). AMP is also member of three economic interest groupings (EIGs) with African institutions.

AMP Services: a 100% subsidiary of AMP and regroups AMP’s primary scientific and technical expertise and project management capabilities. The company is headquartered in Ferney-Voltaire, with a representative office in Paris, and currently employs a staff of 30, about 40% of AMP’s total staff. AMP Services is the principal partner for the pharmaceutical industry within the AMP group, focusing on activities related to vaccinology, health economics and medical anthropology, laboratory services (e.g., LaboMobil®), human resources for health, and project management.

AMP DEVELOPPEMENT: an endowment fund (“fonds de dotation”) that was created in 2011 (

Field Vaccinology Society: a learned society based in Geneva, Switzerland that aims to publish and promote the transnational research of former EpiVacPlus training program participants, focused in particular on district-level immunization challenges in sub-Saharan Africa

EIGs: economic interest groupings (or "groupement d'intérêt économique", GIE in French) aim to facilitate and institutionalize long-term collaboration between AMP and its partner institutions in the field for greater impact and excellence. AMP currently provides the general administration of three such groups: