Advocacy for Immunization

Immunization saves more than 3 million lives each year. But disparities in immunization rates between developing and developed countries persist. At least 30 million children do not receive all routine vaccinations each year.

In response to challenges in global immunization, the international community has taken several actions in the past decade to assist countries in immunizing more people. 

Yet, coverage remains low in many developing countries, particularly in West Africa. This is due, in part, to inadequate funding for routine vaccination. While the 2001 Abuja Declaration committed African countries to allocate 15% of their national budget to health, few of them have achieved this goal.

In order to improve and sustain immunization coverage in Africa and around the globe, it is necessary to develop advocacy strategies that encourage countries to:

In collaboration with its partners, AMP is using a grass-roots approach to tackle challenges to immunization and to make advocacy a core priority in developing countries.