Increasing HRH Capacities

Increasing national capacities for collecting, analyzing and using human resources for health data for evidence-based decision-making.

This goal will be met by supporting the information and human resources for health (HRH) management systems to optimize the flow of information and to highlight the requirements for responding as effectively as possible.

HRH data managers will be given face-to-face training, facilitated by a data management consultant and the project coordinator. Managers will return to their districts at the conclusion of the training, where they will apply in the field the concepts and expertise they have acquired. Supervision will be put in place for HRH managers who have undergone the training so that they are supported with their activities until they become autonomous. Adjustments will be suggested, if required, to the way they understand the training or implement actions. One supervisor will be identified per country to facilitate the monitoring of activities on the ground. Technical support will be given to students at district level to improve the quality of HRH data and projections in the health districts. Everybody trained at national, regional and district level will share his or her knowledge and experiences in order to compile a best practice guide.

The activities will take place in nine health districts (three per country), which will be identified by the relevant Ministries of Health.