Strengthening HRH Advocacy

Strengthening advocacy capacity to provide skilled human resources for health

As for the first phase of the project, advocacy actions are continuing but are geared towards building the capacity of Togo's Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA) so that it can deliver remote training on HRH advocacy.

A situational analysis of the ENA teaching system will be carried out in June 2016. A feedback workshop on the analysis will then be organized to address requirements and to plan a remote training session for education leaders from ENA on HRH advocacy. Once the training has been delivered, the leaders will organize four training sessions that will be carried out under supervision.

Providing advocacy techniques for human resources for health at community level
National partners (Ministries of Health), civil society organizations and community associations also play an important role in influencing HRH strategy in the different countries. They will be given distance training so that they can become proficient in advocacy techniques. Technical support for developing and implementing advocacy actions (budgeting, processes, etc.) will be offered in the field. This will be used to draw up guidance notes based on the outcomes of the advocacy actions and to identify best practices for producing a guide.

It is also important to generate the support and interest of key national decision-makers for HRH. To ensure that activities run smoothly, it will be necessary to monitor the HRH commitments made by the countries at the 2013 Third Global Forum in Recife, Brazil, especially in terms of recruitment, deployment and loyalty.