ADAMA 2 (Advocating for Available Skilled Manpower in Africa) is an extension of phase one of the project run by Agence de Médecine Préventive ( AMP). The first phase focused mainly on developing a community of advocates for human resources for health (HRH) capable of mobilizing additional funding for skilled, available health personnel in Benin, Mauritania and Togo.

Aims and Mission

ADAMA 2 is designed to help improve universal health coverage in Benin, Togo and Mauritania by augmenting HRH data, enhancing HRH skills and strengthening HRH advocacy capabilities.
A range of actions will be implemented to meet these objectives. The first will consist of extending the existing training: leaders from Togo's Ecole Nationale d'Administration (ENA) will be taught advocacy techniques remotely, which they will then use to instruct new learners.
The second action will increase national capacities for collecting, analyzing and using HRH data for evidence-based decision-making. Once the data has been processed, it will be used to anticipate any needs or shortfalls and to avoid wasting financial and human resources. This information may also be used in advocacy work to communicate key figures regarding deficiencies and / or requirements.

Furthermore, the personnel management skills of HRH leaders will be optimized to improve access to mother and child health services. Better oversight will also be required to manage human resources not just at a relational level but also regarding their distribution in the respective countries.