auto-administration vaccin anti cholera oral, VaxiChol

Despite improvement in drinkable water supply and sanitation the last few years, cholera cases are increasing. According to World Health Organization (WHO) estimations, there are approximately three to five million cases with an estimated 120,000 deaths per year. Use of the oral cholera vaccine (OCV) is an essential strategy for prevention and control of cholera. In order to respond to this disquieting situation, AMP has launched VaxiChol, a project that aims to implement pilot activities targeting the introduction of OCV.

VaxiChol is a three-year multidisciplinary project that foresees the following activities: 

Relationships with the other international partners are paramount for the success of this project. VaxiChol activities have already been implemented in close collaboration with other key actors, such as WHO, UNICEF and other organizations involved in vaccination. Meetings of technical groups of the Global Task Force for Cholera Control (GTFCC) provide ample opportunity for exchange and coordination of activities related to cholera.