As part of the RBM Partnership, AMP was approached by the RBM Secretariat to conduct a survey on Private Sector Constituency (PSC) activities in support of National Malaria Control Programs (NMCPs).

Substantial efforts and resources are invested every year by the private sector, with the objective to support capacity building for National Malaria Control Programs (NMCP) in Africa. A number of activities, mainly NMCP workshops, are convened by different manufacturers, in different languages (English or French) and various countries.

The RBM partnership led an investigation to see if possibilities exist to maximize synergies and to reduce potential overlaps by federating current activities through the development of a global capacity building (CB) strategy.

In this context, AMP was commissioned to lead a review to a) provide insight into the activities conducted by the private sector for capacity building and information sharing among NMCPs; b) identify key benefits and challenges; and c) provide suggestions based on the informed opinion of NMCPs, WHO, and the private sector - for a more sustainable and improved engagement between NMCPs and the PSC.