Supporting National Independent Immunization
and Advisory Committees

The SIVAC Initiative is a project of the AMP's Health Policy and Institutional Development (HPID) center. HPID is a WHO Collaborating Center supporting evidence-based immunization policy decision-making. The SIVAC Initiative, launched in 2008, is a support project towards the creation and strengthening of National Immunization Technical Advisory Groups (NITAGs).

SIVAC in Figures
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29 countries
technical and financial support
NITAG members trained

Le NRC rejoint le réseau pour la sécurité des vaccins (VSN)

Le NITAG Resource Center (NRC), site web dédié aux GTCV et géré par le centre collaborateur « Politiques de Santé et Développement Institutionnel », a récemment été évalué par le réseau...

SIVAC Back CCVS Experts in their Recommendation on the Introduction of MenAfriVacTM Vaccine

Set up in 2013 by ministerial decree, the Advisory Committee on Immunization in Senegal (CCVS), composed of national experts, put in place a workgroup to help them come to a decision on the introduction of the vaccine against meningitis A in the routine immunization program for children under two...

Orientation Workshop for Members of the Zimbabwe NITAG

The SIVAC Initiative of the HPID Center and WHO are organising an orientation workshop for members of the Zimbabwe NITAG in Harare on July 18th-19th 2016.  The twenty-five (25 ) members (including core and liaison members as well as ...

Evaluation of The Moldovan NITAG's Performance

As part of its collaboration with WHO EURO to strengthen National Immunization Technical Advisory Groups (NITAGs), a team of the SIVAC Initiative / HPID Center visited the Moldovan NITAG from 18th to 20th May 2016. The objective was to evaluate the Moldovan NITAG’s performance through the...
Première réunion du réseau mondial des GTCV

First meeting of the global network of NITAGs

On 11 and 12 May 2016, for the first time, representatives of NITAGs from all WHO regions gathered in Veyrier du Lac (France) to discuss collaboration between themselves. During the first day of the meeting, participants reviewed the existing regional networks of NITAGs and the tools that can...

NITAG Resource Center

Provides information, tools, and briefings to NITAGs and the global immunization community to improve evidence-based decision-making on vaccines and immunization at national level.

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