Microbiological Surveillance in Real Time

The mobile laboratory is an all-terrain vehicle outfitted with laboratory equipment (laminar flow hood, centrifuge, refrigerator, fluorescent microscope). It has its own energy and water sources. A supplementary tool for reference laboratories, the LaboMobil® provides critical support to microbiological surveillance of potentially epidemic diseases such as cholera and acute bacterial meningitis.

Due to its mobility, the LaboMobil® allows rapid and reliable identification of the etiology of diarrheal and meningitis epidemics. It goes directly to suspected areas, including remote districts, to perform immediate, on-site microbiological diagnosis, thus reducing the delay in the implementation of appropriate, effective, and rapid outbreak responses (vaccination campaigns, preventive measures, adequate patient treatment, etc.). 

Collaboration with AFG in Guinea

In 2011, AMP teamed up with the NGO “American Friends of Guinea” (AFG) based in Houston, Texas to produce a mobile laboratory for operation in Guinea-Conakry. AFG is collaborating with the Guinean Ministry of Health (MOH) to extend mobile laboratory services to remote, coastal areas of Guinea that lack or have inadequate diagnostic facilities. It is anticipated that the laboratory analyses made available through this pilot three-year project will improve the diagnosis and treatment of recurrent and seasonal illnesses, particularly tropical infectious diseases.